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From classic to sustainable

Join us on a journey to transform denim into something new and sustainable. In this story, we explore how the designers at Pepper Vally® are rethinking denim to make it more eco-friendly and inclusive for everyone.

  • Design with a purpose: See how a new kind of denim collection is made to be timeless and for everyone, inspired by nature and care for the planet.
  • Challenges and innovations: Discover the creative solutions found to make denim lighter and kinder to the environment, using special yarns and knitting techniques.
  • The final creation: Celebrate a design that’s not only stylish but also comfortable for all-day wear.

Get ready to see how wool is changing denim for the better.


Purposeful creation

The designers at Pepper Vally® aimed to make a unique denim line that ignores fashion fads and works for everyone, no matter the season or gender. They used new ways to make fabric that’s both natural and groundbreaking. This isn’t just another clothing line; it’s about making clothes that tell a story of caring for people and the planet, combining good looks with practical use.

While designing, they wanted these clothes to mean something more to the people wearing them. The idea was to make garments that feel good, last long, don’t harm the environment, and look great. They’re supposed to be as versatile and durable as your favorite pair of jeans, fitting every part of your day without needing a change.

The team was inspired by nature – that means natural elements with perfect imperfections of different textures and shades, such as stone & wood, colours like deep sea indigo and sunny forest green, worked into fabrics and garments according to the aesthetic ideal of subtractive luxury of Antique Greece.

The project redefines denim, envisioning a future where this beloved fabric is not only comfortable and natural but also sustainable, inclusive, and versatile. Imagine denim that adapts to all occasions, traceable from its origins and crafted to excel in varying weather conditions – a true green evolution of jeans.

Product description

The development journey

Overcoming challenges

The journey was marked by challenges, particularly in marrying non-traditional yarns with flat-knitting technology and achieving the desired effects without relying on end-product finishing. This process demanded creativity and persistence, balancing innovation with productivity.

Benefits of the garment

The fusion of specialised yarn properties, innovative fabric structures, and a unique design concept has culminated in a collection that redefines our perception of denim. This innovative approach has created garments that are not only fashion-forward but also performance-driven and eco-conscious.

Innovative production techniques

By leveraging knitting technology to emulate the classic denim look, the team embarked on a path less traveled. This approach allowed for the creation of denim-like fabrics that are lighter, more elastic, and durable than their woven counterparts, all while reducing the environmental impact traditionally associated with denim production.

A wearable wellness experience

The final garment offers more than just style; it offers a wearable wellness experience. It enables the wearer to navigate daily life with ease, comfort, and a sense of guilt-free luxury.

Yarn selection

  • Seymour (Nm 48/1): A blend of ZQ traceable extrafine Merino wool and TENCEL®, chosen for its thermo-regulating properties, lightweight feel, and elegant drape.
  • Caprera (Nm 60/1): Combines non-mulesed X-CARE® extrafine Merino wool with eco-friendly COOLMAX® EcoMade Polyester, offering enhanced durability, thermoregulation, and moisture management.

Learnings and reflections

This journey has underscored the power of pushing boundaries, blending nature’s gifts with human creativity, technology, and ethical considerations to challenge and change the world of textiles.

A closing thought

“The best part of the project was the realisation that what we imagined we were able to develop it and change the prisma aspect we conceive textiles creation & fashion.”

This venture into sustainable innovation marks not just a step but a leap towards redefining how we view, create, and wear our clothes. It’s a bold reimagining of denim, crafted with the future in mind — a future where fashion and sustainability walk hand in hand.

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Crafted from a blend of 45% Wool 19.3 μ Non-Mulesed X-CARE and 55% COOLMAX® EcoMade Polyester 2.2 dtex GRS certified. The Caprera GRS yarn, thanks to its unique composition, brings forward benefits such as:

  • Reduced pilling for a smoother appearance
  • Enhanced durability for extended wear
  • Superior moisture management from COOLMAX® EcoMade polyester

Caprera GRS
Nm 60/1
45% Wool 19,3 μ Non-Mulesed X-CARE
55% COOLMAX® EcoMade Polyester 2,2 dtex GRS certified


Made from 50% Wool 19.3 μ TEC and 50% LENZING™ Lyocell 3.3 dtex. The Seymour ZQ yarn elevates traditional wool, offering:

  • Improved softness and comfort
  • Enhanced fabric strength for longevity
  • Sustainable production materials with LENZING™ Lyocell

Seymour ZQ
Nm 48/1
50% Wool 19,3 μ TEC
50% LENZING™ Lyocell** 3,3 dtex

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Collaboration Partners


Aliki Goritsa

MSc Textile Engineer/ Co-Founder of Pepper Vally® is responsible for design & innovative textile concept realization.

Proud “Extreme Textiles” Fashion Designer & Textile Innovator, pushing boundaries to introduce always something useful new with the creative freedom of an artist. The sophisticated simplicity inspired from Ancient Greece aesthetics meets the luxurious casualness of my design philosophy.

Only by merging different aspects, sectors & mentalities you create something original NEW & honestly useful without harming & causing other problems.

Spiros Fragos

BSc Textile Engineer/ Founder of Pepper Vally® is specialized in knitted fabrics programming & creative engineering. He has a strong technical expertise in respectful design implementation.

As a “Textile Extremer”, I am passionate and personal involved with the knitting machines handling to find the best solution to every knit-based textile challenge. An expertly curated fabric structure solution using versatile techniques & high quality natural and special characteristics advanced yarns is always the goal.

Pepper Vally® is a conceptualise design studio & workshop based in Athens, Greece. Since 2011 our team is offering special knitted concept ideas implementation based in flat knitting technology and hi-end limited edition production in Greece.  We develop the concept and manufacture bespoke swatches & prototypes, we design and digitise the textile structures & knitwear patterns in connective to machines software & we operate the knitting machines. 

The merge under one roof of innovative design thinking, creative textile engineering, technical experience, versatile knit-to-shape, less to zero waste & 3D techniques while using only accredited natural based & sustainable yarns is our valuable asset for us & our customers. Our main applications are high quality & contemporary knitwear, fashion & lifestyle accessories, alternative homeware & furniture textiles, as also smart & design-driven technical textiles.

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