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Curtain up! The new Suedwolle Fall/Winter 2025/26 collection

This collection is a narrative woven from the threads of creativity, technology, and sustainability. Inspired by the meticulous and passionate world of theatrical productions, where every detail is crafted to perfection, to perfection, the new Suedwolle collection echoes the essence of performance art in the textile realm.

Theatrical elegance meets yarn innovation

A symphony of textile mastery

From the outset, Suedwolle has orchestrated a collection that mirrors the dedication and innovation found behind the curtains of a theatre. Each yarn is a protagonist in its own right, playing a crucial role in the textile process’s overarching performance. The collection features pure wool and blended articles, spotlighting the Suedwolle collection’s mastery over wool craftsmanship and its commitment to pushing the boundaries of what yarn can do.

Embracing Natural Stretch

At the forefront of the collection is the Natural Stretch series, showcasing the innate elasticity of 100% wool HT (High Twist) yarns. These yarns exemplify the harmonious balance between resistance, elasticity, and comfort, embodying the natural capabilities of wool to stretch and revert without losing shape. Highlighted by the historic Donau Nm 80/2 in HT version, these yarns are tailored for fabrics that mold to the body’s contours, ensuring a seamless and enduring fit.

The artistry of fancy yarns

Diving into the realm of fancy yarns, Suedwolle introduces a palette of textures and colours that stir the imagination. By blending wool fibers with other premium natural materials, these yarns offer an unparalleled richness in texture and colour, ideal for crafting unique, eye-catching fabrics. The Siponto Malfile Nm 24/2, with its harmonious blend of wool, linen, and silk, stands out for its captivating wavy and three-dimensional appearance, achieved through an innovative dyeing technique.

Advancements with Betaspun® technology

Betaspun® technology represents a leap forward in yarn strength and durability. Yarns developed with this technology, such as the Stelvio Nm 100/1, offer enhanced comfort, elasticity, and resistance to wear. This advancement underscores Suedwolle Group’s commitment to innovation, creating lightweight, comfortable, and durable fabrics suited for today’s dynamic lifestyle.

Beyond yarns: A commitment to sustainability and innovation

Suedwolle Group’s dedication extends beyond the creation of exquisite yarns. The company’s annual sustainability report, “Ecobalance,” reflects its commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Through a transparent and traceable supply chain, supported by independent certifications, Suedwolle ensures its products are sustainably produced.

The six pillars of innovation—sustainability, traceability, circularity, technology, performance, and design—guide the approach of the Suedwolle collection. These principles are not just strategies but a testament to the company’s philosophy of creating products that marry the extraordinary properties of wool with cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly practices.

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