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Engineered for performance

Discover how our new cycling collection combines practical innovation with environmental consciousness through our ACTIVEYARN® initiative. We’ve crafted garments that offer enhanced performance and durability, designed to meet the needs of the modern cyclist.

ACTIVEYARN® weaves innovation into our fabric, offering a seasonless collection of weaving, knitting, and technical yarns. This fresh approach allows us to explore new opportunities in technology, sustainability, and design. With ACTIVEYARN®, we’re rethinking product development, which results in gear that’s both comfortable and sustainable.


Goal-driven design

The objective was clear from the start: to engineer a line of cycling wear that goes beyond typical industry standards for durability and comfort. This collection is designed to function as a second skin, offering protection against elements like wind and sun while ensuring moisture control, breathability, and odour resistance.

Key features include:

  • Thermo-regulation: Keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Protection: Guards against wind and sun.
  • Comfort: Acts as a second skin with superior breathability and moisture control.

The garments are crafted to put performance first, using:

  • Warp knitting techniques: For the BB Pants for optimal fit, flexibility and durability.
  • Lightweight jacket: Combines comfort, stretch, and protection, emphasizing minimalist design.

Drawing inspiration from traditional bike wear, the line aims to:

  • Elevate traditional gear: By integrating sustainable practices suitable for cycling.
  • Promote a minimalist lifestyle: Encourages a blend of style, performance, and environmental consciousness.

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Tackling challenges

Technical barriers

Developing suitable warp knitting fabrics was a significant challenge, especially integrating wool. Innovations include:

  • Betaspun® yarn: Provided the necessary strength for durable, performance-based knitting.
  • Unique market positioning: Introduced an innovation not previously available on the market.


This collection sets new benchmarks in:

  • Performance and comfort: Offers longevity, robustness, and a fit that feels like a second skin.
  • Element protection: Provides comprehensive protection from the elements.
  • Advanced moisture management: Ensures superior moisture control, temperature regulation and odour resistance.

Way of production

Focused on warp knitting using:

  • Betaspun® technology: Finest wool yarn possible for enhanced fabric quality and performance.
  • Windbreaker design: Combined filament and wool to marry durability with comfort, utilising biodegradable polyamide.

Yarn selection

  • Hermosillo Betaspun® (BB Pants)
    Nm 100/1
    79% Wool 16.2µ TEC
    21% Polyamide filament
  • Stelvio Betaspun® (Windbreaker)
    Nm 100/1 
    84% Wool 16.2µ TEC
    11% Polyamide filament
    5% Elastan

Insights gained

This project highlighted wool’s versatility as a functional fibre in sports applications, challenging preconceptions about natural materials in high-performance settings.

A closing thought

“The best part of the project was exploring for the first time a new field and the feeling of having discovered a new potential able to inspire others and change the rules of the game.”

This initiative marks a significant advancement in the design of cycling apparel, proving that it is possible to merge high-tech solutions with sustainable practices to create garments that meet the needs of serious cyclists without compromising on environmental values.


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140 EUR

Made from a blend of 84% Wool 16.2 µ TEC, 11% Polyamide filament, and 5% Elastan. The Stelvio Betaspun® Nm 100/1 yarn provides the following benefits:

  • Enhanced flexibility for improved movement and comfort
  • Superior resilience for long-lasting wear
  • Optimal thermal insulation to maintain a comfortable temperature in various conditions
  • Light weight for high efficiency cycling

Stelvio  Betaspun®
Nm 100/1 
84% Wool 16.2µ TEC
11% Polyamide filament
5% Elastan

BB Pants
120 EUR

Crafted from a premium blend of 79% Wool 16.2 µ TEC and 21% Polyamide filament. The Hermosillo Betaspun® Nm 100/1 yarn offers numerous benefits including:

  • Increased tensile strength for better wear resistance
  • Improved elasticity for enhanced comfort and fit
  • High thermal regulation properties to keep you warm in cold conditions and cool in warm conditions

Hermosillo Betaspun®
Nm 100/1
79% Wool 16.2µ TEC
21% Polyamide filament

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