t Suedwolle Group, the thread of innovation weaves through our very fabric, and with ACTIVEYARN®, we’re not just creating: Discover our first seasonless corporate collection composed of a selection of weaving, flat and circular knitting, hosiery and technical yarns!

Getting “ACTIVE” means taking a fresh look at our product offer and exploring new opportunities in terms of technology, sustainability and innovations. Just like turning a kaleidoscope, where we encounter new shapes and facets when viewing things from a different angle. So, why not use a circular knitting yarn for weaving? 

Let’s turn the kaleidoscope and get active together!   


with Jasmin GOTS

This yarn is a pledge to the planet. Crafted from 100% wool with a fineness of 19.5 µ, it undergoes the X-CARE treatment. This process, devoid of chlorine-based substances, confers the yarn with exceptional durability and the convenience of being either machine or hand washable. It holds the Bluesign approval and GOTS certification, presenting a harmonious blend of consumer ease and ecological consciousness. 


with Tirano Betaspun®

The traceability of yarn is pivotal for contemporary consumers. Tirano Betaspun® brings forth an intricate blend of 41.5% 17.2 µ wool and LENZING™ Lyocell, all intertwined with durable polyamide filament. The Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certification ensures that every strand can be traced back to its ethical origins, offering transparency from pasture to product. 


with OTW® Midway GRS

A blend of 60% recycled pre-consumer nylon and 40% X-CARE treated wool, this yarn reduces waste and reliance on virgin resources. With GRS certification, it stands as a testament to the potential for a closed-loop fashion industry, where every thread has the promise of a past and a future.


with Wallaby Betaspun®

In the realm of technological innovation, Wallaby Betaspun® is a frontrunner. The yarn is composed of 87.5% fine wool at 18.4 µ, combined with 12.5% polyamide filament for added strength. It’s the result of the Betaspun® spinning technology, which enhances the yarn’s performance, making it ideal for dynamic wear and high-endurance textiles. 


with Banda TEC X-Compact

This yarn represents the zenith of design. It’s a 100% wool yarn with a fineness of 17.2 µ, refined through X-Compact technology. This advanced technique aligns each fibre with precision, creating yarns that translate into fabrics with crisp, clean lines, and a modern aesthetic that is both timeless and revolutionary. 


with Caprera GRS

A blend of 45% fine wool and 55% COOLMAX® EcoMade Polyester, it’s designed for active wearers. The wool provides natural thermoregulation and softness, while the COOLMAX® EcoMade Polyester ensures moisture wicking and quick drying properties. Together, they create a yarn that supports peak performance without compromising on sustainability, as evidenced by its GRS certification. 

Each thread in the ACTIVEYARN® collection is a part of a grander weave, a vanguard of Suedwolle Group’s relentless pursuit of transformative yarns. Here, we don’t just face challenges; we embrace them. 

We are all asked to make new connections, to stay flexible and always adapt to new needs. 

Let’s get active together and turn the Suedwolle Group kaleidoscope of possibilities! 

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